Thursday, October 2, 2014

Birth Announcements

So this is the inspiration from today.

Just as a background on myself: I like writing. I like fonts. I have played around with writing styles for a long time. But I was not in love with my own handwriting. Truly. But instead I ignored that & tried to see what I could do. What could I do that I liked? I'm still trying things out.

I am loving the idea of the cursive handwriting in the background. (The idea actually popped into my head while I lay in bed waiting for sleep to come.) But I am not sure that I am finished with this digital design.

 I really like the background pattern on this coral announcement. I tried to do something the same with the blue one but I wasn't happy with the result. So I erased it. And just posted it here in its unrefined glory.

I know there are a lot of blogs out there with recommended font pairings. But it seems so much that the fonts look so different with the words that you are using it with. And I can be an incessant critic of my own work. So if I wait until I am sure its perfect... that's like never. There is no font that is perfect.

Embrace real. Real isn't perfect.

So there it is.

Jane Reimer


  1. It's taking me awhile to get on here. I wanted to subscribe but I get a message saying I need to contact domain administrator, (which just might be me!) so I was waiting to get on the computer. So, ya, it looks great! I do like these birth announcements too...anything works, anything at all. Waiting till you 'get it', waiting for perfect...? Just be confident :)

  2. I think these are wonderful! Just got on here and I'm thrilled! If I ever have another baby YOU are doing announcements! ;)