Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cardinal Christmas

Here is a cheery cardinal for you!

All you need is the bird builder punch to make that beauty! The black mask is from the wing tip. And that wing makes the crest as well. And the extra tail is just another layer! I used a white gel pen for the white highlights.

 Here is the kraft version:

I used the kraft wrapping paper from SU! for the back of this card. You could make alot of cards with that! I just like those diagonal stripes! 

I'm off to make another card!


  1. Love both of these! If you have Ornamental Pine, the pine cone makes an awesome wreath as well! I'm planning to make some of these like yours, using my kraft paper this very day!
    Good job, my friend!

  2. And am I seeing things right? Do you have no snow? Looks like it in your photo. Here we're blest with 12" of the white stuff!!! I'm putting my Christmas runners and candle wreaths out today! LOL!! (Besides making your cards!)
    Do you by any chance have Natures' Peace stamp set? Ideas?????

    1. These pictures were taken after the last scrapbooking crop we had in October. That's why no snow. We got our first snow this week and it's amazing how much brighter the days seem even with only an inch of that stuff on the ground. (the pine cone would make a gorgeous wreath... might have to make more of these now! Smile.)

      No unfortunately I do not have the Nature's Peace stamp set...

  3. I'm loving anything with birds these days.