Saturday, April 4, 2015



 Isn't this just great?! 

Sometimes I'm really sorry when I have missed a sale or a promotion. It's hard to keep up & sometimes a person has to say no. Real life gets in the way & I have to choose what is most important after all. 

But then... and this is the good news... there will always be another promotion. Another deal. More opportunities to buy. If you missed out on the last one or two or more then maybe this one is for you!

So like it says, Stampin' Up! is offering free shipping from April 6-10th!!! 

I love it when I get to buy from home & do not need to pay the extra on shipping!

So go ahead, place your order online or email me (contact form is so handy here on the blog..) & I'll be glad to help you get your items without having to pay the shipping!

Happy shopping!

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